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Operations Team

Ops Team Positions 22-23


  1. Communications Manager

  2. Calendar Manager

  3. Historian

  4. Social Media Committee Chair

  5. Fundraising Committee Chair

  6. Recruiting Committee Chair

  7. Special Events Committee Chair

  8. Website Manager

  9. Sound Designer

  10. Librarian

  11. Wardrobe Manager

  12. Concert Day Stage Manager


Individual Choir Jobs


Social Media Committee Member

Recruiting Committee Member

Special Events Committee Member

Room Manager

Sectional Assistant

Tech Specialist


Description of Duties


Communications Manager — One of the most important and demanding roles on the Ops Team. This student sends out communications on behalf of Ms. Earl to the members of the Choir, including Remind messages, event detail letters, updates, notices, and more. When students have a question about a call time, location, policy, or any other small matter that doesn’t need to be handled directly by Ms. Earl, they will ask the Communications Manager or the Calendar Manager. This person takes notes at every Ops Team meeting, types them and turns them in to Ms. Earl the next school day. This person also works with the Website manager to post necessary information on Canvas and the Choir Website.


Calendar Manager — Works closely with the Communications Manager. One of the most demanding and important roles on the Ops Team. This student writes down any event information given in class and manages the calendars on the board and on Google Calendar. The Calendar Manager works closely with the Comms Manager. He or she provides the event details to the Comms Manager to send out and together they make sure all students know the dates, times, locations, etc for all choir events. The Calendar Manager also oversees the Unavoidable Conflicts form and communicates with Ms. Earl about students who have an unavoidable Conflict or who missed an event without prior approval.


Fundraising Committee – Comprising a Committee Chair and several committee members. The Fundraising Committee Chair is one of the most demanding and important roles on the Ops Team. Creates and manages fundraising opportunities for the choir department. Research, plan and execute events with the sole purpose of raising funds for the FHS Choir department and student travel expenses. This may include organizing donations, program ad sales, car washes, chocolate bars, Show Choir Camp registration sales, concessions sales, ticket sales, and more.


Librarian – The Librarian works with the TAs to oversee the choral library system. Keeps the library organized and functioning. Regularly updates the Library Inventory Spreadsheet. Scans music, loads and organizes it in Google Drive. 


Historian — Takes photographs at every event, outing, concert and during every day rehearsals. Collects Photos from parents and others who are at events taking pictures. Shares photos with Ms. Earl and with the Website Manager and Social Media Committee so they can be shared with students and on the Choir Instagram, Facebook, etc. Ensures that a physical copy of all choir programs and posters is kept for choir records. Puts together choir and senior slide show at the end of the year. Make a Facebook Event for every Choir concert and event.


Social Media Committee – Comprising a Committee Chair and several committee members. Keeps photos updated to social media choir sites (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, website). Works with Ms. Earl to create marketing/publicity opportunities for the choirs. Post Concert videos on social media.


Special Events Committee – Comprising a Committee Chair and several committee members. Keeps track of birthdays in the choir and keeps Ms. Earl informed. Maintains our special events calendar. Is responsible for celebrating holidays, decorating the classroom, etc… Makes treats monthly for the class and plans parties, events, gatherings for choir bonding. Helps decorate for concerts and other events like Cabaret Night, Karaoke parties, the Kickoff, and Banquet.


Recruiting Committee — Comprising a Committee Chair and several committee members. Create opportunities to try to recruit prospective students, both those currently in Middle School and those currently at FHS who are not in choir. Create a spreadsheet of where each current student went to middle school. Make packets to send out to Middle School students before course registration and auditions. Talk to choir students about what got them interested in choir, and non-choir students about what would get them interested in choir. Make suggestions to Ms. Earl for ways to recruit new students. Encourage current and former students to visit their former choir programs to share the great things happening in FHS Choir. Works with the Special Events Committee to make sure that middle school students are included in some choir events. Works with Communications Manager and Calendar Managers to make sure all FHS Choir events are communicated to Middle Schools, on FST News, etc.


Stage Manager — During concert week, the Stage Manager is in charge of knowing how to set up risers and shells properly, and leads other students in getting this done. The Stage Manager is also in charge of making sure the piano gets moved back and forth from the choir room to the stage and making sure the piano is wiped off with a clean microfiber cloth before each performance. The Stage Manager makes sure there is a music stand and tripod on stage for Ms. Earl, a mic and mic stand if necessary, and manages any other on-stage items such as drums, additional music stands, props, decorations, etc.


Sound Manager — The Sound Manager is in charge of making sure sound equipment is where it needs to be for events and is returned to the storage closet afterwards. This person will help with Show Choir recordings, making sure that audio tracks for performances are shared with the person in the Booth, and any other sound-related needs.


Wardrobe Manager — The Wardrobe Manager works with the TAs to inventory the Uniform closet and manage the distribution and collection of concert gowns, tuxes, shirts, pants, shoes, etc at the beginning and end of the year. Makes sure that each student who receives a rental uniform gets one that is in good condition and fits well. On Concert day, the Wardrobe Manager will arrive an hour before call time to assist any students who need help getting their uniform ironed/steamed, lint-rolled, etc. The Wardrobe Manager will check each student for appropriate attire (including tights and shoes) before each concert. At the end of the year, the Wardrobe Manager will turn in a list to Ms. Earl of any students who have not returned their uniforms, any damaged uniforms, etc.


Website Manager — The Website Manager works with the Communications and Calendar Managers to make sure the choir website is always up to date with the latest announcements and content. Works with the Historian to keep the website updated with the latest pictures from events. Works with the Social Media Committee to make sure that content from the website is consistent with the social media accounts. Works with the Recruiting committee to make sure all recruiting information is on the website. Generally makes sure the website is always looking nice. Also helps with Canvas when needed.


Room Managers — Each choir will have at least one Room Manager. Room Managers will keep the choir room tidy, make sure garbage is thrown away, the room is swept several times a week, the storage closet is organized, and the Lost and Found is well-managed. They have the authority to enlist other students in helping clean up and call out students who leave messes behind for others to pick up. They will also assist in keeping Ms. Earl organized and work with the Librarian to make sure music is passed out and collected in an orderly manner. 


Tech Specialist — Each choir will have a Tech Specialist. The Tech Specialist assists with daily technology needs (setting up microphones, changing batteries, setting up TV or monitor), and works closely with the Sound Designer to make sure that mackeys, mics, etc are where they need to be and ready to go. Also assists with technology in any other manner as directed by Ms. Earl.


Sectional Assistant — Each choir will have several Sectional Assistants, who will help students learn their part during sectionals. Must be able to read music fluently and have basic piano skills. Communicates with Ms. Earl about what parts of the music a section has learned and/or what parts a section needs help on. The Sectional Assistants will also be in charge of taking attendance at choir events.


Recorder — Each choir will have a Recorder. This person’s entire job is to remember things that Ms. Earl says to him/her and repeat them back when asked. The Recorder will also share these things with the Communications Manager whenever necessary.


How To Apply for a Position on the Ops Team


Please submit a Resume and Cover Letter to Ms. Earl via email by the end of the first week of school. Your Cover Letter should be no more than one page and should include the  following:

  • What position you are applying for

  • Why you think you are a good fit for that position (previous experience with a similar role, personal interests, etc)

  • Any ideas you have for how you will execute that position

  • A reference (suggested, but not required) who can vouch for you as a good candidate for the position


Ms. Earl may conduct interviews to follow up with candidates if necessary.


Each member of Chamber Singers and Show Choir is

expected to take on a Choir Job. 


If you would like to request a job you would prefer, please email Ms. Earl by the end of the

first week of school. Ms. Earl will do her best to assign jobs based on preference, but if everyone requests the same job, obviously some adjustments will need to be made. If you do not make a request, Ms. Earl will assign a job to you. If you fail to complete your job, your job will be reassigned to another student, you will be placed on probation, and given a new job. Students who repeatedly fail to complete job assignments will jeopardize their ability to get into one of the top choirs the following year.


Members of Women’s Chorus and Concert Choir are not required to take on a Choir Job,

but it is highly encouraged that you do. Students who take on and successfully complete Choir Jobs will demonstrate their trustworthiness and maturity, which Ms. Earl will carefully consider when making placement decisions for the next year’s choirs.

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