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Unavoidable Conflicts Form

This form is to help Ms. Earl keep a record of which students have UNAVOIDABLE conflicts with which events. If you have multiple conflicts, please fill out a form for each one. Filling out this form is NOT a guarantee that you will be excused from the event in question. Ms. Earl will talk with you individually after receiving your form.

You must submit this form at least five (5) school days before the event.

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A Word about Commitments

When you sign up to be a part of something like a choir, you are making a commitment to a team, who is counting on you to keep your commitment. It is SO IMPORTANT to the success of the team that you honor your commitments. I can't stress that enough! 

As an FHS choir member, you are expected to do the work to keep your commitments. 

If you need a ride, talk to your friends or talk to me and I'll help you find one. 
If you have work scheduled, request that day off.
If you have a test to study for, organize your schedule so that you have time to study before or after the event.
If you have to watch your siblings, talk to your parents ahead of time and let them know that you will not be able to babysit on days when there are choir events.

Do not request to be excused from an event because you didn't find a ride, have homework, didn't request work off, didn't plan ahead, or just don't want to go. These are not acceptable excuses for breaking your commitment.

Sometimes, however, there are events for multiple things that just happen at the same time. There may be UNAVOIDABLE conflicts with theater, dance, band, sports, church, or other things you have important commitments to.  It is for these sorts of circumstances that I have created this form. If this is your situation, please tell me about your conflict on this form, and we will discuss a 1:1 arrangement.

If you have an unusual or extenuating circumstance, please also tell me about it on this form, and I will absolutely consider it on a case-by-case basis. Please remember that filling out the form is not a guarantee that you will be excused.

What happens if I miss an event?

To make up the points for a missed concert, you will need to meet with Ms. Earl outside of class time. You will sing for Ms. Earl what you would have sung at the concert. That way I can still assess your mastery of the material.

What happens if I get Covid?

If a student tests positive for or is exposed to Covid, please fill out the unavoidable Conflicts form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Testing positive or being exposed to Covid is not an acceptable reason to no-call/no-show. You must still notify me if you are unable to attend due to illness, even if it is the day of the performance.


Students who no-call/no-show for a concert for ANY reason (except for extremely serious emergencies) will receive a “Missing” grade on the concert assessment. If something happens, you MUST notify me. 

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