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Build a Better Schedule

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I know that planning your schedule can be TOUGH, especially if you have lots of fun electives you want to take. That’s why I’ve created this resource called BUILD A BETTER SCHEDULE to help you! If you are wanting to take Choir AND another elective, you will probably need to do a little work to make that happen. I want to highlight the easiest, most highly-recommended way to improve your schedule: Concurrent Enrollment through NVLA.

NVLA Questions and Answers

Q: What is NVLA?

A: NVLA stands for Nevada (NV) Learning Academy. It is a CCSD school like Mannion or Foothill, except that it is 100% virtual. All classes are taught and taken online. Because of this, you can take classes at NVLA and Foothill at the same time (that’s called concurrent enrollment), and they both go on your regular transcript. Many choir students use NVLA to help them build a better schedule.


Q: Why should I take NVLA classes?

A: You could take a health, PE, language, or core subject class at NVLA in order to make room in your Foothill schedule to take more of the classes you love (like Choir!). You could also do this to move at a faster pace for a subject that is easy for you, or take more time for a class that you wish didn’t move quite so quickly.


Q: How do I sign up for an NVLA class?

A: First, visit this link to read about the courses you can take at NVLA, what they cost, and when you can take them. Then, when you talk to your counselor, tell them what NVLA course you want to take. They need to approve it for you to sign up! NVLA courses can be taken over the summer or during the regular school year. 


Q: What are some other ways to improve my schedule?
A: If you play a sport or participate in Color Guard, that could get you out of taking a PE class. You could also try to get Credit By Exam through NVLA (this is rare, but possible) or get external credit by taking a class outside of CCSD somewhere. Talk to Mrs. Noorda for more info.


I am here to help you!

We have AMAZING counselors at Foothill and we REALLY appreciate all the work they do! But, the counseling department at Foothill has had a lot of turnover in the last few years. The alpha breakdown changes frequently, and I know some students may not feel like they know their counselor very well. If you have questions about improving your schedule but feel awkward or uncomfortable asking your counselor, please know that I am here to help too. I don’t have every single answer, but I can find out the answer to pretty much anything, and I will always go to bat for you! 

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