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Recruiting Info

It's time for Auditions!

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of audition season for the 22-23 School Year!

When: May 16-20, 2022 after school (see sign up form for exact times)
Where: Foothill HS, Mannion MS, and Miller MS
Who: All students interested in joining Chamber Singers, Show Choir, Women's Chorus, and/or HillHarmonics for the 22-23 School Year
How: watch the video!

Watch this video to learn what to expect in your audition:

All students who wish to audition must sign up for an audition here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What choir classes are available at Foothill? 

A: At Foothill, we have four distinctive ensembles. Chamber Singers, Women’s Chorus, Concert Choir, and Show Choir. We also have an after school a cappella group called HillHarmonics.


Chamber Singers is our top group; it is an audition-only SATB choir. Chamber Singers performs all kinds of choral music- spirituals, folk songs, classical songs, everything. This is our main traveling group; Chamber Singers performs at gigs throughout the valley, which makes this group a big commitment but an even bigger reward! 

Women’s Chorus is available by audition. It is for upperclassmen with some choral experience or incoming freshmen who want to push themselves to a higher level of music-making.


Show Choir is an auditioned ensemble that incorporates not only singing ability but also strong dance skills. Show Choir's crowning performance of the year is a large-scale production— Show Choir Show — in May. This group also performs in school concerts and other events.

Concert Choir is our non-auditioned choir. This ensemble performs in school concerts and district festivals. Most singers who are new to Foothill HS and/or aspiring to Chamber Singers or Women’s Chorus get their start in Concert Choir. This group is available to ANYONE just by signing up. You just choose it as your first pick elective when signing up for your freshman classes.


HillHarmonics is an after-school club that meets during the first quarter of the school year. Membership is open to ANY Foothill HS Student, so even if you are not enrolled in a choir class, you can still participate! If you love to sing but can't fit choir into your schedule, HillHarmonics may be a great choice for you!


Q: Do you have any trips planned for next year?

A: Yes! We will be traveling to Southern California / Disneyland for our end of year trip and performing at a festival there. We’re very excited to be traveling again soon!


Q: I want to be in choir, but I also want to take another elective. Can I do both?

A: Yes! Freshmen have the option to have more than one elective, but it takes a little extra effort. You have to plan your schedule so that you can complete your health and/or PE classes at another time, usually over the summer. You can email Ms. Earl: to get specific instructions for this process.


Q: When can I audition if I want to be in one of the top choirs next year?
A: Auditions will take place near the end of the school year. We are hoping to be able to have auditions on Mannion campus to make it easy for Mannion students.

Q: Can I be in more than one choir at the same time?
A: Yes! As long as there is room in your schedule, you can be in more than one choir. Many upperclassmen choose this option because they want to be in both Show Choir and Chamber Singers / Women’s Chorus.

Q: I want to know more about Show Choir! How can I learn more?

A: We have a Show Choir Show coming up on May 14!

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