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Lettering in Choir

Students participating in the Foothill Choir Program will have the opportunity during the year to earn points toward a Foothill High School Varsity Letter. Earning a Letter is a great honor. It represents self-discipline, hard work, sacrifice, loyalty, dedication, responsibility, and above all, interest and desire. It shows that you are proud of your Choir and your Choir is proud of you.

Lettering Requirements

  1. The required point total to earn a Varsity Letter in Choir is 50 points.

  2. Students are responsible for tracking and documenting their Letter Points. They should use this Letter Points Tracker form to keep track of their Points.

  3. At the end of the year, students may apply for a Letter by bringing the following to Ms. Earl:

    1. A Letter Application Form, signed by the student and their parent/guardian

    2. Their Letter Points Tracker

    3. Documentation proving they earned the points they say they did

  4. Letter Applications are due by May 3, 2023

    1. If you do not turn in a Letter Application, you will not receive a Letter regardless of how many points you have.

  5. Students in Chamber Singers MUST perform at Senior Awards Night in order to Letter. 

    1. No matter how many points you have earned, if you don’t show up for the Senior Awards Night performance, you will not get a letter.

Additional Letter Info

  1. Letters will be given out on the last day of class.

  2. Points reset every school year. Students who have already earned a Letter can earn an Honor Bar to decorate their Letter the following year. All requirements are the same.

  3. A Special Award will be given to the student with the MOST Letter Points. This award will be given at the Choir Awards Banquet.

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