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Fall Showcase Next Week

Hello Women’s Chorus, Chamber Singers, and families!

Our Fall Showcase performance is coming up next week! Instead of a full-scale concert, we are doing a more casual mini-concert combined with two choirs from Mannion. This email is lengthy but please read all of it. There is important information here and I do not want to have to answer the same questions over and over again.

After School Rehearsal

When: Tuesday, October 3rd, 1:30-3:30 PM

Where: FHS Choir Room and Theater

Attire: regular clothes

Who should be there: All WC and CS Students. This is a mandatory rehearsal. All students are expected to be there and be on time. This is a summative assessment; points will be deducted for unexcused absences and/or tardies.

Fall Showcase Performance

When: Wednesday, October 4th. Call time 4:50pm (that means dressed and ready to go at 4:50 pm); Performance begins at 6pm. Performance ends around 7pm.

Where: FHS Theater


  • Chamber Singers: Concert Black, as discussed in class.

  • Women’s Chorus: Black long pants or leggings (school appropriate please) and Blue 23-24 Women’s Chorus T Shirt.

Who should be there: ALL WC and CS Students. This is a mandatory performance. All students are expected to be there and be on time. This is a summative assessment; points will be deducted for unexcused absences and/or tardies.

Dress and Grooming Guidelines


  • Personal Hygiene: An important part of being properly dressed for a performance is taking a shower the day of the performance and using deodorant.

  • Binders: We may be using our black binders on stage. There must not be any papers or anything in the front cover of your binder.


  • Hair: Hair should be brushed and clean. Bangs should be pinned back out of the eyes.

  • Makeup: Makeup is not required. If you choose to wear makeup, please avoid any smoky eyes or overly elaborate make up that would be a distraction on stage.

  • Jewelry is not required or recommended, but if you want to wear jewelry, it must be simple. One pair of simple stud earrings and one simple pendant necklace are allowed. No rings, no bracelets, no large necklaces or other bling that will be distracting on stage.

  • Shoes: black shoes are required.


  • Hair: If you have hair longer than the bottom of your chin, it must be pulled or pinned back out of the eyes. A simple ponytail or bun is fine, but should not be elaborate or distracting. Bangs must be kept back out of the eyes as well.

  • Socks and Shoes: Black socks and Black shoes are required.

All are welcome at FHS Choir Concerts!

Please invite your family, friends, and neighbors to our Fall Showcase! Everyone in the community is welcome to attend. There is no cost for admission, but we will be selling concessions as a fundraiser for this event. We are seeking a few parent volunteers to help with concessions; contact if you would like to help.

A Reminder about Commitments

Your friends and fellow singers are counting on you for this performance! Each member of the group matters to the overall sound. We cannot have a successful performance without you.

If you have a truly UNAVOIDABLE conflict, you must fill out the Unavoidable Conflicts Form AT LEAST 5 SCHOOL DAYS IN ADVANCE and request to be excused. Waiting until the last minute to submit the form is not acceptable. The form is not a guarantee that you will be excused.

Concerts and after school rehearsals are mandatory events and are graded as Summative Assessments. If you miss one, you will need to arrange a time to sing your part for me as a solo so that I can assess your mastery of the music.

If you are ill or test positive for Covid, please fill out the unavoidable Conflicts form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Being sick is not an acceptable reason to no-call/no-show. You must still notify me if you are unable to attend due to illness, even if it is the day of the performance. It is NOT acceptable to no call/no show for any reason (except extremely serious emergencies).


Ms. Earl

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